Just in case anyone is reading this, I will be presenting twice next week on integrating Zend Framework and Flex together. I’ll be presenting at the Front Range PHP User group on Tuesday, July 13 from 7:00-9:00 at the Big Game Restaurant in downtown Denver.  More information can be found on the meetings page.  After that I’ll be presenting at the Denver RIA Developer’s Group on Thursday, July 15, from 6:00-7:00. More information can be found on their events page.

In both cases, I’ll be co-presenting with Jay Whipple of 111ELM Design.  Each presentation will be similar but we’ll be emphasizing different things for each group.  For instance, the Front Range PHP User group likely won’t need much if any background on PHP and Zend Framework, so the presentation will concentrate more on the Flex side of things and how to integrate Flex and Zend Framework from the Flex side of things while the Denver RIA developer presentation will go more in depth on the Zend Framework and PHP side since most of the attendees will likely already know how to integrate into server-side services, but not necessarily how to create them in PHP with Zend Framework.

To give a brief overview, it’s ridiculously simple to use Flash Builder to consume a PHP class as a service using Flex’s built in Data Services.  However, to use these, Flash Builder requires that you place your class in the web root of your web server which is not a very good practice and really runs quite contrary to best practices. In this presentation we’ll show you how to expose services using Zend Framework’s MVC and Zend_AMF while still maintaining a good structure and keeping your classes out of your web root. In reality, it’s only a little bit more work to hook Flex into your PHP application.

If you’re planning on coming to either presentation please follow the links and RSVP as there will be food and beverages provided at both.



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