This is the final tutorial in getting your child’s artwork into Flash Catalyst and turning it into a working Twitter search application.  In Tutorial 1 you learned how to get your artwork into Photoshop and get everything all set up for Flash Catalyst.  Then you learned how to import the .psd into Flash Catalyst and turn the artwork into working components.  In the Tutorial 2, you learned how to build the various states your application will need and to use Flash Catalyst to create animations when then application switches between states.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to move from Flash Catalyst into Flash Builder 4 and hook your application into the Twitter search API.  Before you proceed make sure that you are happy with how your application looks and behaves.  Currently Adobe’s Flash Catalyst -> Flash Builder work flow is one-way only.  There’s not really any way to move backwards from Flash Builder into Flash Catalyst.  You can do all the stuff you do in Flash Catalyst in Flash Builder 4, but for what we’re dealing with here, many of the steps are easier in Flash Catalyst.

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