In case you missed it, here’s part 1. In part 1 I showed you how to take your child’s artwork into Photoshop, chop, layer and label it, import that into Flash Catalyst and turn all that artwork into working components. If you follow all the way through these tutorials, you should have a working twitter search application built with your child’s (or your) artwork.

The final apps can be seen at the following links:  Joey Twitter and Ana Twitter.

And now on to part 2.

Flash Catalyst Interface

We’re going to now build the application states and transitions within Flash Catalyst. If you haven’t created all your components yet or are not sure how to do that please check out the first part of the tutorial. For this application, we’ll have 3 states: start, searchPage and searchResults. The idea is that the start page will show the Start button.  When that is clicked, the application will transition to the searchPage state where the user can enter their search terms to search Twitter.  When the user searches for something and clicks the search button, the application will transition to the searchResults page and display the results of the search. For fun, we’ll also hook up the signature button.  If it is clicked on the searchResults page, the application will transition back to the searchPage state. If it is clicked on the searchPage state, it will transition back to the start state.

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